A milliennial reinvents herself: meet Nicole Abboud, host of The Gen Why Lawyer podcast

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Podcasts | 0 comments

na14011Nicole Abboud is a young attorney and a 20-something millennial who is in the process of reinventing herself.  During this interview her commitment to her own happiness and following her heart is inspiring.  When she did not find fulfillment in practicing law she launched her successful podcast The Gen Why podcast to see what other young lawyers were doing to create the kinds of lives and careers they wanted.  She heard many stories about how other millennials were going to do things on their own terms, and so will she.  Meet Nicole – – another “recovering attorney,” and speaker, trainer and educator.

Nicole (@nicolceabboud) identifies herself as a Millennial Speaker & Consultant, Attorney, Podcaster, and Leadership junkie.

I interviewed Nicole on my Lawpreneur Radio podcast, and was eager to talk to her again further along in her transition.

And, Nicole taught me how to do a Facebook live interview!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Nicole started the Gen Why Lawyer Podcast
  • What is her big vision
  • Her transition from Gen Why Lawyers to Gen Why Leaders
  • Her desire to confront misunderstandings between Millennials and the workplace
  • How she intends to be a voice of hope for Millennials