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MW image 2In this trio of episodes I am joined by Marcia Wieder, CEO and Founder of Dream University.  Marcia has spent the last 30 years launching and leading a world-wide Dream Movement. With her proven DreamSteps Methodology to help people identify and realize their dreams, Marcia has literally changed the world.Marcia has collaborated with 3 U.S. presidents, been a repeat guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, had her own PBS television special and has trained thousands of people from all walks of life.Known for her inspirational and motivating speaking style, Marcia is in demand on stages around the world. Her book, Dream: Clarify and Create What YOU Want is in bookstores and Amazon now!

Marcia (@marciawieder) identifies herself as a long established thought leader on visionary thinking and Founder of The Meaning Institute.

I invited Marcia to be one of my very first guests on The Inspired Lawyer podcast because The Inspired Lawyer was born sitting around her dining room table at her Visionary Strategy Day.  Marcia has been a source of inspiration and possibility for me.

Marcia’s book, Dream: Clarify and Create What YOU Want is in bookstores and Amazon now!

Listen as Marcia discusses the CBAs discussed at Dream University, the Meaning Institute and how it came about, her Certified Dream Coach program, and much more…

What you’ll learn in Episode 004:

  • The distinction between a dream and a fantasy.
  • About Marcia’s CBAs: Clarity, Belief, Action
  • The power of having someone believe in you
  • Where dreams come from
  • We have the ability to create our life
  • About Marcia’s Visionary Strategy Days
  • Marcia’s Certified Dream Coach program
  • Infopreneur

What you’ll learn in Episode 005:

  • About Marcia’s new book Dream: Clarify and Create What YOU Want
    • Dream gives FIVE different ways to discover your life’s purpose
  • How our “wound” creates our world view and identity
  • About the journey back to essence and how life drastically shifts
  • In early life the ego hijacks our soul, in the second part of life the ego is in service to our soul
  • How to live on purpose
    • Have a spiritual practice
    • Know what is unique and special about you
    • To be in service
  • What the dream is that I must accomplish in order to die happy and fulfilled
  • Marcia’s Certified Dream Coach program
    • Ten short videos available for free on Dream University.com
  • The birth of The Inspired Lawyer brand
  • Wealthy Visionary Conference
  • “No More Now What” exercise

What you’ll learn in Episode 006:



Dream University.com

Wealthy Visionary Conference

Adam Markel, New Peaks

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

Dream: Clarify and Create What YOU Want


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