Chris Small, of The Art of Lawyering, does not want to be the best Attorney in Seattle…he wants to own the best law firm in Seattle.

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Christopher Small Head Shot v2I’d like to introduce you to attorney Christopher Small.  Chris is a great example of reinvention.  Chris started his career as a sole practice criminal defense attorney at Emerald City Law Group in 2008 in Seattle, Washington.  In 2014 Chris brought in a partner, and in 2015 he sold his practice to his partner.  Now Chris has opened CMS Law Firm, an Estate Planning firm, using his own systems and strategies.

Along the way Chris had invented himself as an entrepreneur and business owner through his podcast “The Art of Lawyering,” and the related business.  The Art of Lawyering came out of his knowledge that he didn’t want to “be the best DUI lawyer in Seattle”…he wanted to “own the best DUI law firm in Seattle.”  His amazing free content and membership site on The Art of Lawyering website offer value and real life proven guidance to all attorneys who want to run their law firm like a business.

Chris (@artoflawyering and @csmall) identifies himself as a guy who wants to “Make more money. Be a great lawyer. Live the life of your dreams. Content curated here.”

What you’ll learn in this:

  • How Chris transformed his “traditional” law practice
  • Why Chris created his podcast and business “The Art of Lawyering”
  • Chris’ passion to own a law firm as a business owner not a “technician.”
  • Entrepreneurs make a life from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • Create your law firm as an asset you can sell even if you might not want to sell
  • It is possible to reinvent yourself, but your passion will be tested

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

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